Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Justin has spring break this week, so we have been intensely focusing on potty training... and the saying on these incredibly cool underwear (Japanese clothes with English phrases are simply awesome - no other way to describe it) describes our theme this week... believable courage, fighting chance... we believed it could happen, it took courage, it was a fighting chance, and we have been fighting... but we now have a very happy potty-trained boy... with very happy parents. :)
I think this happy boy thinks he will get M&M's every time he correctly uses the toilet for the rest of his life... but we'll deal with that later.
Noah is also a lot happier lately... he FINALLY cut his first tooth and now that he's crawling, he's able to get into many more things he's not supposed to, therefore he is incredibly happy. :)
LOTS of happiness at the Woolery house this week.... ;)

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