Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Changing seasons.... hopefully?

When you talk to most foreigners that live in Okinawa, typically something about the weather will come up in conversation... the island is loved, but the humidity is hard for most to deal with.... except us. We are used to high heat and humidity year round... we used to joke that when it got below 70 degrees Farenheit (21 degrees Celsius), we were freezing... and we really were. It NEVER gets very cool in Guam or Manila, and our bodies had adjusted and were quite happy with our year-round humidity. But even though Okinawa is an island, it is much farther north than the Philippines, and we have definite seasons here. So while it has been fun to have "cold" weather (it gets to 50/10 C here... and we were freezing) for the last few months, we are SO ready for warm... HOT weather. :) I've been hesitant to change the clothes in the boys' drawers... what if I switch the long pants for shorts and then it gets cold again? ;) But we've been having beautiful, but not hot yet, weather for the past few weeks, so I think we're on our way back to comfortable. :) Here's the view from our balcony this morning... we are looking forward to the summer and LOTS of time in the ocean! Have a great day!

You can't really see it in these pictures, but the ocean is SO blue and SO inviting today.... thank you God for islands. :)

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