Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Justin LOVES exchanging valentines with his friends at preschool, but Japan doesn't really have the easy, pre-printed, sign your name valentine cards (at least that I've seen), so we have to get a little creative.  Justin got a lot of wonderful new crayons for his birthday last month, so we decided to use his old crayons to make "crayon hearts" for his friends.... we had so much fun. :)  I found the idea on pinterest (of course), but we changed a few things so everyone could be involved... here are a few pics of our adventure. :)

crushing the crayons instead of having an 'adult cut them with a knife'

it's always more fun to destroy things together :)

our crushed crayons... aren't they beautiful?

then we put the crayons in heart molds (normally used for candy making)

ready to go in the oven!

the finished product

final packaging for friends :)
I hope Justin's friends enjoy them... our neighbor had a very hard time believing they were crayons and not chocolate, so I hope no one accidentally takes a bite... Happy Valentine's Day! :)