Wednesday, May 02, 2012


That's right... a surprise has been planned for many months now, and it finally happened!  Brian's parents have been serving as the District Superintendent for Northwest Indiana for almost 17 years and are now retiring (for all the non-Nazarene folks who may read this - he's like a pastor to pastors, handles administrative things, training, traveling, speaking, stuff like that).  Last year, the district advisory board contacted Brian and his brother, Justin, to see if they could come to Indiana as a gift for their parents.  Of course they both agreed, and plane tickets were purchased.  I still can't believe that Lee and Alice never found out what was going on... in fact, I'm so impressed with how few people actually knew what was happening.  So Monday afternoon this week, Lee gave his final report as D.S., and then they started presenting him with various gifts.  The above video is the short version.. it includes fake congratulatory 'phone calls' from Brian and Justin (they were actually just backstage with a mic), and the big surprise.  The video below is the whole presentation... if you have a few minutes, I recommend watching it.  I love the reactions of everyone afterwards and how they just don't know what to do next because it was such a special moment, or as Dr. Warrick said, "a sacred moment". :)

We're so blessed that the NW Indiana district gave this opportunity to Brian.  Of course it's been kind of a difficult week since we weren't all able to go;  I'm used to Brian being gone for work, but it's a little different when he's with family for a week and we're not.  I will really miss not always going to Valparaiso when we visit the states... I will always think of it as Lee and Alice's home, and we have so many wonderful memories there... it's where I first met them, first spent holidays with the Woolery side of the family, first met our awesome friends at Valpo First Church, went shopping with Brian for engagement rings, Justin's only snow experience so far, the place we told the grandparents we were pregnant with Noah, the memories go on and on.  I will echo what Lee and Alice said at the assembly - Thank you NW Indiana for befriending me as Brian's girlfriend and wife, and thank you for the amazing support you have given us as missionaries for the last 9 years!  We can't thank you enough for your prayers, and we will continue to pray for you as you transition to a new D.S.  Thank God we have the internet to stay in touch and our Nazarene family around the world... you never know where or when we'll see you next, but we will see you! :)