Friday, July 01, 2011

Catching up

Yes, it's been a busy last couple months in the Woolery household... We had a wonderful Easter celebration with our church family, survived our church secretary being gone for a month of vacation, Justin finished his first year of pre-school (and is already asking to go back... he keeps saying, "Mom, summer vacation is finished now"), Ladies Bible Study is on a break for the summer, we taught a 6-week marriage enrichment class together, celebrated Noah's first birthday, and tonight Brian will get back from spending a week in Northern Japan assisting with tsunami relief.
So, what's next? Well, this weekend, we will do laundry and pack!!! That's right, vacation starts on Monday! Well, kind of.... we will be flying to our passport country on Monday. Then on Tuesday Brian will fly from Texas to Kentucky for 5 days at Nazarene Youth Congress. Since he was already crossing the ocean, the boys and I decided to tag along and spend a couple weeks with family. So, we will only be in Texas for about 2 1/2 weeks, but we are very much looking forward to relaxing, hanging out with family, free babysitting by the grandparents, and eating lots of Mexican food and Mom's cooking... without gaining any weight. ;)
Of course, we won't be able to really see anybody outside the south Texas area, but we'll be back in 2013 for deputation, and we hope to reconnect with many friends across the country at that time. Please continue to keep us in your prayers... we are in great need of a vacation right now, so pray that our bodies, spirits, and minds will be refreshed in the Texas sun as our boys get to know their extended family just a little more.
It's hard to believe we left the states for Guam eight years ago this month... I still feel like I just graduated from college a year ago. ;) Yet I am constantly in awe of how God has led us, blessed us more than we could ever dream, and continues to change us as we learn more every day how to follow Him and show others His love. And since we'll be on vacation, I WILL MAKE Brian write about his trip to Sendai... he has been the only foreigner in a group of Japanese pastors, so he's thrilled at the conversation practice he's had this last week (by the way, he's excelling in his conversational skills, but he would never tell you), and I think he's falling in love with Japanese bath houses, but I'll have him tell you.... :)
See you on the other side of the ocean!