Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Noah David is here!

We are happy to announce that Noah David Woolery is here! Noah arrived the morning of June 22, 9.1 pounds, 19.7 inches.

Everyone is doing great - Julie and Noah came home from the hospital on Friday and are recovering well, especially since Grandma Jill (Julie's mom) is here to help take care of everything. Big brother Justin is handling the transition very well... probably because Grandma Jill is here. :) He is very excited about 'Baby Noah' and loves to hold his hand and show him all his toys. And Brian is surviving and didn't even miss a Sunday of preaching. :)

So maybe now that Noah is here, we'll actually be more consistent in our blogging... well, it's a good goal anyways. ;) For the next few weeks we are just focusing on spending time with family. Julie's Dad will come on Saturday, so we're excited to show family around our new island and see some things we haven't even seen yet. Thank you SO much for your prayers! More pictures and stories to come soon...