Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Oh! I pray for you...."

Last Sunday we were at Brian's home church in Valparaiso, Indiana. After the service we were enjoying seeing old friends and catching up on news. As we were leaving the building, a friend introduced us to a gentleman who used to live in the Philippines. We talked to him for about 5 minutes about his experience in the Philippines and where we're living and what we're doing there. As we were saying goodbye he told us his name and asked what ours were. When we told him our names, his face changed and with a smile he said, "Oh! I pray for you!"
Overwhelming feelings of thankfulness and amazement at our incredible God filled us as we continued our discussion. As we meet people that pray for us and reconnect with those who have influenced our lives, we're overwhelmed with God's grace and provision for our lives. Thank you for your prayers - they make such a difference!

Family Time

We are back in the states for a couple months and having tons of fun catching up with family and friends. We'll be in Indiana and Texas most of the time, so let us know if you're in the area, and maybe we can get together. Before we came to Indiana to be with the Woolery side of the family, we had a layover in Denver, so Justin got to meet his Aunt Jessica for the first time.
We've been in Indiana for about a week, and Justin is loving spending time with his grandparents and other relatives and friends.
playing with Grandma Alice

hanging out with Grandpa Lee

with Aunt Kim

and Uncle Justin :)
Of course, he's also keeping in close contact with his other grandparents in Texas. :)