Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fountains are cool!

Last Saturday, we spent the day with friends from the seminary and Brian's Uncle LeBron and Aunt Anne. LeBron and Anne are visiting for the 25th anniversary of APNTS, so we're so excited to steal them and spend time together whenever someone else isn't wanting them. ;) We went to Greenbelt, an open air shopping area in Makati. It's a gorgeous place to sit, drink coffee, and catch up. Justin got tired of sitting after a while, so he and I wandered around and found this really cool fountain. Justin had such a blast playing in it, he cried when we had to leave. Here are a few of our favorite pics. When you come to Manila to visit us, we can go here together! :)


Anonymous said...

What have you guys done? I can't believe you! Haha. That's so cool. I bet that's a first! I mean, I haven't seen any who dared touch fountains in places like that. Justin is just so adorable. Now you should create your own fountain at the house maybe... just kidding. love you both

Anonymous said...

hello Julie. I'm Jin-ah. I was APNTS student. ^^ how are you Julie. Justin is always cute+_+!