Friday, June 22, 2012

No words...

Sometimes you are so overwhelmed by God's goodness and grace, that there are just no words... Today is Noah's birthday - our baby is now officially two!  We had a party a few weeks ago (post and pictures coming soon), so today was just a pretty normal day.  The last couple months and even the last few days have been pretty rough, things we can't really talk about, and it's easy to get discouraged and let your focus stray.  And today was one of those days... but then our neighbors came over this afternoon with a present for Noah and a beautiful home-made birthday cake... and I am simply overwhelmed by the blessings of our amazing God.  Nami-san remembered it was Noah's birthday, and she spent her entire morning making him an amazing cake (the kind I would never even try;) ).  It's like God is reminding us, "I've got this... I've got everything.  Things might be rough, but remember how I led you here to Okinawa and to this specific apartment... "  God has surrounded us by people who love and support us, and today is a day when I feel overwhelmed by his beauty in our lives.  I pray that we can be reminders of his beauty and grace to the people he brings into our lives, just like Nami-san was to us today.

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