Friday, June 22, 2012

2012 Birthdays

Justin turned four in January, and Noah turned two today! We are blessed to have amazing friends and family to celebrate with... here are a few of the highlights (many more pictures on facebook)...

Justin loves Curious George, so that was the theme of his birthday this year.  We started the celebration with monkey cupcakes with his class at preschool.

 Then we had a party at home with friends from church...

 Justin and his friends had fun reading books, coloring pictures of George, throwing banana bean bags in the monkey's mouth, and even playing a little animal charades game!

And since monkeys love bananas, we had banana splits and fruit juice at the party. :)

We celebrated Noah's birthday a few weeks early because his grandparent's were here!!!  It was so special having Papa Dwayne and Grandma Jill with us for a birthday party... the first time since Justin was born 4 1/2 years ago. :)  (And as I write this, I realize we have no pictures of them with Noah at the party... but we have lots of other pictures from their time with us.)  We invited a few of Noah's friends over for some snacks, cupcakes, and lots of playtime with bubbles, balloons, and balls... needless to say, the boys (and their Dads) had tons of fun!

Of course, Justin was eager to help Noah open his presents. :)

Yay for birthdays and friends and family!

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