Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Justin is in a food-loving stage right now... He wants to eat any and everything we eat, and he wants to eat a lot. :) It is a Philippine tradition to eat pasta on your first birthday, and we've been to a couple of 1st birthday celebrations recently. It's also tradition to send food home with everyone, so basically, Justin has been in heaven. He really loves spaghetti... here are a few of my favorite pictures from the last couple days.


~ Marty Alan Michelson, Ph.D. said...

The third picture from the top reminds me of Brian's glee as he's overcome with a theological epiphany! =)

Anonymous said...

Ate Julie, thanks so much. It is always a pleasure to take care of Justin so that's already a bonus. But thanks for the surprise :-) I feel very sad now that our church planning was scheduled on the 30th-31st, in Tagaytay. I feel very sad missing Justin's birthday. huhu. So maybe I need to party with Him now.