Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas in Baguio

So, I'm doing some catching up today with our blog. :) We were so blessed this last Christmas to spend a few days with some dear friends in Baguio, a town in the northern part of the Philippines. Baguio is famous for strawberries, fresh vegetables, beautiful flowers, weaving, cool mountain air .... we just really love Baguio and try to go any chance we get. We went with our friends, the Tsutada family, and Junichi and Mari Nakade. They have been incredible friends while at seminary and we can't imagine life without them after we all graduate. Here are some of our favorite pictures from our last Christmas in the Philippines.

First we visited some friends and former APNTS students in a town on the way to Baguio. They are teaching at a Wesleyan Bible College. Justin and Kinomi will be great friends some day, I'm sure... right now they kind of just look at each other. :)

Beautiful Baguio

Justin quickly fell in love with Baguio strawberries.
visiting the Easter Weaving Room... you can buy tons of stuff upstairs, but the best part is going downstairs and seeing all the ladies work on the looms - truly amazing!
Baguio has some really great restaurants... we kind of planned our whole trip around eating. :)
Justin's first firework show on Christmas Day
is Brian thinking about a new hairstyle? :)
eating 1 day old chick... yes, we have some interesting food items in the Philippines. :)

we love Baguio! :)

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