Monday, March 10, 2008

Growing Justin

Yes, Justin is growing and growing and growing... thought we'd share some of his exciting moments over the last few weeks...Although he sometimes fights going to sleep because there are so many exciting things going on, Justin is a great sleeper... always sleeping at least 3-4 hours at night between feedings! And he's continuing to get more consistent. :)Justin is quite a popular little guy wherever he goes. This was him during his first APNTS chapel, listening to Grandpa Lee preach. Since Justin is the ONLY baby on campus right now, he's constantly surrounded and being spoiled by his many 'aunts and uncles.' We're so blessed to be part of this community at this time in our lives. one of Justin's many cute and funny faces.... if you want to see more of his faces, go to and search for 'brianwoolery' to see video footage of our growing boy. Well, as you can see, Justin is growing quite rapidly... now weighing more than 14 pounds (6 kilos) at 6 1/2 weeks.... we're getting our exercise!Since we use public transportation to get around Manila, this is how Justin gets around... he loves accompanying his dad on walks and sleeping while we go shopping. one of Justin's favorite places to take naps and play with toys....

Justin loves to snuggle in his lion towel after bath time.
This was his first attempt at wearing shoes... really cute, but they kept slipping off. :) As you can see, he got a little attitude with his trendy fashion style (onesie and sandals... it's huge in Paris now)!
He started smiling a few weeks ago and just can't seem to stop! I think he's starting to figure out that when he smiles at everyone, he just gets more attention, which he LOVES. :)

quality father-son time....

looking SO handsome for church on Sunday. :)

Well, in case you haven't guessed, we're having SO much fun with Justin. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we learn how to be parents and balance work and family... I'm afraid Justin is quite the distraction from school and work! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh I sooo love Justin... I hope this Saturday night (after Sold out) would work for us to hangout :-)

Bethany, Phillip & Nolan said...

He is so cute! Congratulations! Sounds like you guys are doing amazing!! We miss you and hope to see you again someday!! Hello from Oklahoma, USA!!! Check out Nolan at our!
Lots of love, Phillip, Bethany and Nolan