Monday, March 10, 2008

Brian's Ordination

On February 4, Brian was ordained as an elder in our denomination, the Church of the Nazarene. If you're not Nazarene, here's a very simple explanation of what that means... :) Even though we've been in active ministry for a few years now, our church has a process you must go through before you are officially ordained. A certain number of years of schooling and service are required before you are eligible for ordination. You must then be approved by your District Assembly. The ordination is a formal recognition from the church acknowledging your work to this point and your commitment to future ministry. Our church membership is still on the Micronesia District, but the ordination service was held here in Manila. It was a very special time because Brian's parents were here, and Justin made one of his first public appearances, being only 13 days old. :) The service was very meaningful with prayer for each of the people being ordained, along with their spouses.
It was made even more special for us when Dr. Middendorf, the presiding General Superintendent, asked Lee, Brian's Dad, to pray for us and to present Brian with his certificate of ordination.

It was also very nice to share this time with our fellow students from APNTS and our friends here in Manila. Our friend Laura from Micronesia was also ordained, so it was great to be with old friends, too. Oh, and now that Brian is ordained, you can call him REVEREND Woolery. :)

Dr. Jesse and Susan Middendorf, us, and Brian's parents

Micronesia group - David and Naomi Phillips (District Superintendent), Laura (youth/music/children's pastor in Guam), us, David and Helen Ann Bucher (pastors in Saipan)

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Laura said...

You forgot the Rev. in front of my name. :) kidding!