Sunday, December 30, 2007

Come, baby, come!

Brian and Julie are officially ready to have this baby! Yes, it is still a week before the due date and yes, Julie and I were both 2-3 weeks late in our own advent into this world… It’s just we thought that the 100 steps from the classrooms to our apartment as well as our walk-heavy lifestyle might just encourage this baby to show up a bit sooner. I am trying to encourage the baby by both chanting and dancing ‘come baby come, come baby come’ as well as giving motivational phrases like, ‘Today’s a good day to be born!’ But all of this has not had a significant effect, as far as I can see.

The bags are packed, the baby room is set up, the camera has fresh batteries and an empty memory card, we even have fixed the holes in the kiddie pool in case we opt for a water-birth (in this case the baby might have gills). We’re ready! We’re waiting! ‘Come baby, come!’

Having our baby come so close to Christmas has made me think a bit about Mary and Joseph. Now I can’t work very well with wood, and Julie, though nearly perfect, is not immaculate (come to think of it, I don’t think Mary was either… I digress). It’s quite difficult for Julie to get in and out of public transportation, so I can’t even fathom putting her on a furry animal for an 80-mile trek! I think she’d die, or kill me… I’m not sure in which order. Did they know a ‘due date’? Were they as anxious as I am to have their child, with a bit of nervousness in the back of their minds of what exactly a child will mean to their lives? I’ve already started to wonder about our child’s future… what did Mary and Joseph think knowing what they did about their child? I do know that though there are uncertainties about the future, excitement and nervousness mixed, I can’t wait for our baby to come, no matter what it means for our lives and no matter what changes small or radical it might make. I also want to wait as expectantly for Jesus.

So ‘Come Jesus, come’ AND ‘come baby come!’

By the way, if any of you would like to bring us gold, frankincense, or myrrh you’re more than welcome. We’ll ebay it to buy more diapers.


Melissa said...

Like the updated look of your blog. We are waiting with you in great expectation and praying for a smooth delivery. Does Julie have her combs? :-)

Shannon said...

Lol. Thanks for the morning laugh Brian. Ya'll are in my prayers. Love you.