Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Playroom renovation!!!

Yes, we've been renovating!  The former owner of our house added on an extra room that he used for storage.  Since we're already blessed with many rooms and large closets, we didn't need to use it for storage.  So we decided to turn it into a playroom.  As usual, our initial simple idea turned into something more involved... but we are happy to say it is finished!  Here are some before and after pictures of our new playroom. :)
This is what the extra room looked like when the former owner was still living here... lots of good storage space. :)

When we moved in, it had a concrete floor and walls with insulation and framing.  A friend from church helped Brian install dry wall.  Then Brian textured, painted, installed trim and carpet... he's becoming quite the handyman!  It was definitely an interesting process because diy projects like this are not very common in Japan... but at least Brian got lots of Japanese conversation practice in his many hours at the hardware store this last month. Sadly, we don't have any pictures of Brian's many hours of working, but we did get one of Justin helping me repaint some bookshelves.

So... here is the finished playroom!!!  

We repainted a few bookshelves to use for game storage and art supplies.  And the boys are thrilled with their new tool bench area.

This is my favorite part - the reading corner. :)  The boys will still keep most of their books in their room, but we wanted to have space for reading in the playroom also... when Justin first saw this he said, "It's like a library!"

Recently we found some vintage school desks that we repainted for the boys to have their own art and possibly future homework space.

And they're very excited to continue to add pictures and artwork to our wall of frames. :)

Of course things will continue to be added to the walls and space, but I wanted to get some pictures in a rare clean moment.   The boys are so excited to have a new play space... so who wants to come over and play? :)


Janary said...

It looks so nice! :)

Take care on your trip. Praying for your family :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, this is so amazing!!! LOVE IT! So creative