Friday, March 04, 2011

Praying for missionaries

I can't believe we've seen sakura (cherry blossoms) twice now in Okinawa - the last year has gone by so quickly! And unfortunately, it's been quite some time (a.k.a. WAY too long) since I've updated our blog... I guess life really does get more hectic with another child. ;) But, we are currently at the Japan Nazarene Church District Assembly in Osaka, and the meetings extend past the boys' bedtime, so I find myself sitting in our hotel room after the boys have fallen asleep (fingers crossed) with a little time on my hands. So in addition to catching up on reading and studying Japanese, I'll also try to post some blog updates. :)

But for now, I wanted to share something that was posted recently in an online magazine about Nazarene missions. As missionaries, we are always in need of prayer, but sometimes we are not always good about communicating exactly what is going on and what you can be praying for (note: this is, of course, something we (the Woolery family) MUST, and are trying to, remedy in the future :) ). So this is something you can use any day of the week when God brings a missionary or person in ministry to your mind. Again, we covet your prayers... God is working in amazing ways all around us, and we must stay focused on Him as we continue to learn and share His love with others. Thanks ALWAYS for praying! :)

What follows is a suggested prayer plan for the missionary or minister in your life.

unday: Spiritual life – A closer walk with God. Missionaries need times of refreshing just as much as everyone else. Those in ministry give on a regular basis. Pray that they will take the time to be filled so that they will not be running on empty or on their own strength.

onday: Mind – The ability to learn what is needed, be it language and culture or a new way of getting things done. Pray that their mind will be open and accepting to the new things that greet them. Louie Bustle, director of Nazarene Global Mission, used to say missionaries need to “trust the locals.” It is easier to think that we have all the answers than to admit we need to learn.

uesday: Team – The people the person works with – for good relationships that will build up the work and honor God. Pray for the local people whose lives are touched by the missionary, as well as missionary co-workers and leaders. No one is a lone ranger… and even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.

ednesday: Well-being – No one likes being sick. Being sick in another cultural context can be scary and even more dangerous. Malaria and other diseases for which we have no built up immunity can be deadly. Health care can be hard to find.
Driving over rough roads, air travel and other mode of transportation can be fraught with … excitement. Pray for physical safety from illness and travel safety.

hursday: Thoughts – Pray that the missionary will not be discouraged. Pray that they will remain focused on the things of God. There are “get thee behind me” moments in everyone’s life. Pray that the missionary will be able to discern those moments for what they are and be bold in confronting them.

riday: Family
Spouse, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, mother and father. Some of these people will be Christian, others not. Some will be going through a crisis physical, spiritual or emotional which drains the missionary. Sometimes the stress comes from being in the situation; at other times the stress comes from being half the world away. Pray for peace, contentment and open communication between the missionary and family members.

aturday: Schedule
As the week comes to a close and missionaries are planning the week ahead, pray that the schedule will be filled with divine appointments. Pray that when the schedule is disrupted that the missionary will see the hand of God at work and not be angry, but rather expectant.
No matter what day of the week it is, missionaries (and ministers) covet your prayers. Thank you.
”If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:22

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Kaitlyn said...

Have a wonderful time in Osaka! That is a great framework for weekly prayer for our beloved missionaries, thanks for sharing, Julie!