Saturday, April 10, 2010

A beautiful day in Okinawa

Today was such a gorgeous day, so I thought I would share some highlights. It's been unusually cold and rainy ever since we arrived in Okinawa, so I'm appreciating the sunshine more than ever, and today was simply wonderful. I'm planning on trying to finish 'getting settled' in our place this week while Brian's gone, so hopefully I will be posting pictures of our apartment soon... but here are a few from today.

The view from our apartment balcony... yes, that's the ocean. :)

a very happy Justin on his tricycle

After our naps this afternoon, Justin and I went on a little adventure. There is a marvelous bakery not far from our house that sells scones... we've heard how wonderful they are, and today we experienced the deliciousness for ourselves. :)
Justin showing off his scone - oishi!

One thing (among many) that we LOVE about Japan is that you can find wonderful parks everywhere! We are constantly amazed at how often we see little and big parks just everywhere. These are some pics from a park that Justin and I discovered today right next to the amazing scone bakery... did I mention this is in walking distance from our house?! :)
Justin patiently waiting his turn to slide :)
Justin exploring at the top of another slide

Handsome boy! :)


Jill Rathburn said...

Of course, an incredibly handsome boy! Can't wait to come and explore those parks, bakeries, etc. with you all! Thanks for the pics! Love, Mom/Me-maw :-)

Janary Suyat said...

I am so thrilled seeing Justin in those pics and I can tell he is enjoying the park. I wish I was there to play with him :-(( I missssss you.

Sara said...

He's gotten so big! I'm so impressed by how well you're adapting. I would still be in the fetal position sucking my thumb. You guys amaze me!