Saturday, February 07, 2009

Justin's 1st Birthday!

We celebrated Justin's first birthday on January 31 on the APNTS campus. In many countries in Asia, the first birthday is very special, and it is tradition to have a big party. Since this will probably be Justin's only birthday in the Philippines, we gave in to tradition, invited everyone, served spaghetti (Filipino birthday tradition - eat pasta), and had a wonderful time! Justin did pretty well, but he was a little overwhelmed by so many people at a few points.... Here are just a few pictures from his special day.

"Fish" was the theme for the party... why? because it's fun and easy! :)

Thanks to my wonderful friend, Terri, who helped me bake almost 100 'ocean' cupcakes and Justin's 'fish' cake!
Justin's happy birthday message contained pictures from various occasions over the last year... yes, every circle in his name is a different picture. :)

tropical fish tattoos! This is where Brian chose to wear his.
showing off their tattoos....

Our amazing friend, Melissa, painted this for a fun photo op! Everyone had such a blast getting their picture taken. :)

Since our theme had to do with water, we played fun games with water balloons - perfect for a hot afternoon in Manila!

The merienda (snack): crab sushi rolls, 'octopus' hotdogs, shanghai lumpia, spaghetti, and goldfish crackers Brian brought back from the states! Needless to say, all the missionaries from the states went crazy over the goldfish. :)

writing messages to Justin....

We needed some help blowing out the candle. ;)

It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to....

Happy Birthday, Justin!


Anonymous said...

Good pics! I still wish I was there! Everything looked great! :-)

Melissa said...

What a fun party Julie! You did a great job decorating and preparing. Glad we could celebrate Justin's 1st Birthday with you.

Jill Rathburn said...

How wonderful to have so many terrific (and creative!) friends to celebrate Justin's 1st birthday! Can't wait to see the videos -- see you soon, Kids! Love, Grandma J :-)

Cam said...

Happy Birthday Justin!! We look forward to seeing you in June!

Cam, Jo and Max

Linam updates said...

Happy Birthday, Justin! We want to see you again soon! (No, your Grandpa did not make us write that!)

Kenji Emanuel said...

Oh, such a wonderful birthday party for Justine!! How I wish I could be there with them! these funny and very detailed decorations of art are so great, you, Woolery family is one of the the most blessed among us! and it is so good to us. Thanks for being with us in the Philippines for a moment.

Kimseongil said...

You really look like pleasant.
how are you?
i'm seong il kim.
remember me?
last year, i'm apnts students.
and KNU student.