Sunday, August 05, 2007

Guam Friends!

This weekend, we were privileged to reconnect with friends from Guam! One of the best things about being in the Philippines is that it's only a 3-hour flight from Guam and many of our Guam friends have family here or like to vacation here, so occasionally we get to see them! Our friend Nathan sent us an email last Monday saying he might come to the Philippines sometime and he arrived on Tuesday night. So we were able to see him and Mhay for dinner on Friday, and then Nathan has been hanging out with us all weekend. Nathan is a Pastor at the Church of God Andersen on Guam, and Mhay is the secretary at Nathan's church. Nathan was a great friend during our 3 years there, so we've had a blast showing him around Manila and introducing him to our new friends here. Here's a pic of us on Friday night:

We were also able to see the Senne family from Guam First Church of the Nazarene. They spend their summers in the Philippine province of Bohol and were in Manila for just a day before they returned from Guam. We had lunch with them on Saturday and had so much fun catching up on the last year and reminiscing about Guam for hours. We're so thankful for wonderful friends like Darrin and Jennifer - no matter how much time has gone by, it feels like we still live on the same island. Here's a pic of us with their family - the kids have grown SOOO much in the last year! :)

Brian and Isaiah

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