Wednesday, May 30, 2007

1st Trimester Cravings...

So, here's a quick update from the growing Woolery family. :) Pregnancy has definitely made life interesting. We're now in week 9 and are learning to manage the joys of morning/evening/all day sickness. Most of the time, it's not that bad, but we've definitely had some memorable days. :( But definitely worse than the nausea is the food cravings... I've been away from the U.S. for four years now and I have NEVER had cravings like this before! Now every day, I dream of my parents house, their refrigerator, and the meals they make. I also have very specific cravings like Lumpia, Beef Salad, and Crispy Noodles from Truong's in Guam, Vegetable Curry from Jamaican Grill in Guam, Tortillas and salsa from The Alamo Cafe in San Antonio, and Chicken soft tacos from Nopalito's in New Braunfels.... just to name a few... :) So, for those of you who are lucky to frequent those places, please eat some food for me and the baby. :)

Not that I'm going through withdrawal or anything... I LOVE Filipino food, and we have TONS of restaurant choices here, it's just that my hormones are going insane... so that's life these days... revolves around food, in addition to my summer class, volunteering in the field office, tutoring, piano lessons, etc.

Other than thinking about food 24/7, unfortunately our summer is rapidly coming to a close. I have 1 1/2 more weeks of my summer class left and then it's just 2 1/2 weeks till the regular semester starts! Brian will be gone for the rest of the summer... He's doing various NYI trainings and travels all over Asia, so please keep him in your prayers as he connects with youth leaders and seeks God's guidance for the youth on our region. But I'm definitely busy while he's gone... in addition to the numerous things listed above to fill my day, some of our dear friends are letting me borrow multiple t.v. show seasons to fill my nights while Brian is gone. So, I will frantically be filling my nights with as much 'veg' time as possible before school starts again. :)
Thanks always for your prayers - they're so needed... and keep the baby name suggestions coming!


Daniel said...


Julie, I hate to tell you this but I forgot HOW wonderful food in the US really is...and we were only gone 20 months. Everything tastes SO wonderful but the things I am enjoying the most are; milk, breakfast sausage, milk, and milk.

We miss you guys tons and watching the season finale of LOST was not the same.

P.S. Your MAC is AWESOME. You have that to look forward too.

Melissa said...

Foooooooooood...give Julie food. So what do you want me to bring back? I'm still waiting for the list, although I think your sister is working on it also. I'm bringing back a few cans of green chilies :-)

Names...I definitely think Paris if it's pink...there was a little girl at the Zoo yesterday with the same sandals as Elanor and that's what her Mommy called her...hahaha

alicia said...

Julie! The first TV show i would suggest is Prison Break! I loved it. And from one international friend to another...

You can type in any tv show and stream it (not download) if you have good internet. I have watched several. It takes a little patience but i LOVED it. So check it you.

I really miss chips and salsa from alamo cafe as well!!

Laura said...

I want you to know that I had both lumpia and crispy noodles from Troungs this week. I won't make Jamaican Grill until after summer break though...sorry. I leave for the states on Monday and have a week of Mexican restaurants planned in both Houston and Oklahoma! (Sorry to rub it in.)