Saturday, April 07, 2007

Life these days...

Well, since we've proven ourselves to be some of the worst friends in history at keeping in touch with people, we've decided to try a different approach... :) So, we're starting this blog where the goal is for us to post short updates on happenings in our lives as they occur... and not in a mass twice yearly email where only boring highlights are given. Having said that, here's the typical quick update of our lives in this last year....

In May 2006, we said a tearful goodbye to our beautiful island of Guam. After three of the most incredible years of our lives - filled with new friends that became family, experiences that ended in laughter and tears, and our amazing God stretching us and showing us His grace and love in ways we never dreamed - we felt God leading us to change direction in life and move to the Philippines to attend seminary. So, after a few weeks of visiting with family and friends in Texas, we arrived in Manila in the middle of June. Going from our home island of 150,000 people to a bustling city of around 13 million people was quite a change. But the biggest change came in leaving our jobs and beloved church to becoming students again and starting over with many relationships and adventures. In addition to starting school at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, Brian was also offered a position with our church's regional staff as the Youth Coordinator for the Church of the Nazarene in the Asia-Pacific Region. After much prayer, he accepted and has immensely enjoyed this opportunity along with going to school full-time. APNTS has a policy that couples that live on campus must both enroll in classes, so since we felt we really needed to become as much a part of this unique cross-cultural community as possible, Julie is also pursuing a degree.

So, what has this new life been like for us in the last 9 months? Well, God is of course blessing us and stretching us again in ways we never imagined. Brian has been thrilled to get back in school (pursuing a Master's of Divinity degree) and has also fallen in love with the incredible youth leaders he is working with and learning from on a daily basis. He coordinated the participation of 36 youth leaders from our region to attend a global youth conference in South Africa in January (separate blog with those details soon to follow), and the impact of that experience on their lives and our region is immeasurable. Now that we're finished with our second semester, he is forging ahead with plans of visiting other countries on our region and continuing to coordinate communication, vision, and leadership between the youth in Asia-Pacific. Please pray for Brian as he seeks God's guidance for effective youth ministry on our region and as he balances responsibilities between work and school.

Julie has also found herself in much different roles compared to life in Guam. Being obligated to go back to school was quite difficult at first (pursuing a Master's of Religious Education degree), but God has blessed her with incredible classmates and professors that have given a renewed energy and motivation for being in the classroom. She has also had the opportunity to be trained in teaching English as a Second Language, and this has led to many exciting opportunities. Twice a year students from Korea Nazarene University come to APNTS to study English, so in January, Julie was asked to teach one of their classes, and after falling in love with them and teaching English, she was also asked to teach an undergraduate English course for APNTS next semester. Again, this is something we would have never envisioned, but God always knows what He's doing... :)

We've also been overwhelmed by an incredible new group of friends that are quickly becoming family. It's such a privilege to be on this campus where we live with other students from all over Asia-Pacific and learn from them in how they follow God to reach out to others. We've also been blessed with an incredible church family and friendships with other missionaries here in Manila. We're attending a Tagalog speaking church, so we won't get lazy in always speaking English, and have been blessed with many friendships with the young people at our church.

Well, of course there are many more stories to share, but that's what we'll do in separate entries with pictures! So, more stories and pictures to follow, but know that we miss and love dearly all of our friends in Guam, US, and around the world. We covet your prayers as we continue to learn how to live in the Philippines, speak Tagalog, and follow God's direction for our lives here. Please keep in touch and let us know how we can be praying for you!
tons of love,
julie and brian :)
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Holly said...

I'm so glad things are going so great for you guys. Your faithfulness to God is inspiring. We really miss you! Sam and I are seriously planning to make it to the PI sometime before you leave. So we can finish our game of balderdash. :)

Kar Leong said...

Hey Brian and Julie, its great to here from you guys! Wow, Philippines! That bring us closer now, haha. Anyways, pray that God will bless you guys abundantly in your work and lives.

Kar Leong from Singapore

Shannon said...

yay! your blogging!

Bobbi Jo Brooks said...

It's great to stop over and check out your blog, my how far we both have been since Cross Cultural Orientation at SNU. God bless. I hope to make to the Philippines in January 08 with my job, if it works out maybe we will get to see each other.

Anonymous said...

Julie and Brian,
Good to hear from you! We expect to hear from you more often! Great site. We will be looking soon for those additions. We want to hear about the leadership conference in Africa and see the pictures.

Rhonda, Dave, Shan, Joel
Up the Hill

Anonymous said...

Brian and Julie,
Post early and post often.
With Love,
Jason and Katie Smith

Anonymous said...

HELLO Brain and julie.

I am dong-ho.
I am happy.
Because I can know you through blog.
Grouber Professor came to k.n.u yesterday. So some A.E.P students greeted to her.
If you come to k.n.u at june, we will glad so much.

God bless you^^

shane said...

Whats up my friends! Thanks for the up date and it was AWESOME to hang out again with you guys on top of the mountains, "La Trinida"

Keep the stories coming, the quite guy from down under!